No inspiration x.x

2008-01-30 21:31:14 by KeigoNiwa

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i currently don't know what song i want to orchestrate, and i have no ideas for creating my own song sooooooo, TOTAL CONFUZZLEDNESS X.X hopefully something will come up x.x soon x.x

as the heading says, I GOT MY PRINTMUSIC TO WORK =D and as a result, i orchestrated the Mystic Mansion song for you all, though some parts sound weird x.x i hope you all like it XD

I'M BORED, and i'm only posting this for the sake of posting. Anyway, my PrintMusic doesn't work anymore, and i was in the middle of orchestrating Haunted Mansion from Sonic heroes, so i'm trying my best to get it running again. Might take awhile though x.x